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Bill Bell's Page

Bill Bell had written, 030613:

Hi John: As webmaster for the 63 class I thought I would bring to your attention that I did a biography for the 62 class ( the year I should have graduated) so feel free to use it should u be posting similar ones for the 63 class... the group I most identify with! Look forward to seeing you and the others at Lynda's place.

Cheers Bill Bell [link updated 20100130 thanks to Terry Kirkbride's email]

Thanks, Bill, will do.

Here's Bill's bio. lifted bodily out of the '62 Tripod entry.


Here we are again nine years later at 120429. Bill has written again to say that his entry on the Class of '62 site had been updated and inviting your webmaster to, once again, crib the material from the '62 site.

Below is Bill's update along with two delicious photographs. The caption on one of the photographs does not agree with the caption of the corresponding photograph on the '62 site. Says Bill in part:

[T]he latest shot of myself on a beach is on the Island of Raivavae (I went here after Pitcairn) in the South Pacific so this should be corrected. There are no beaches on Pitcairn...that's why Fletcher Christian went there!!

Bill and Shelley on Pitcairn Island

Bill on the beach on Island of Raivavae

[Photographs and text from the Class of '62 site]


In 2012 Bill wrote:

Still enjoying what I call my three Ts of life: Tennis, Tribunals and Travel. I play tennis at least three times a week and currently will finish soon a two year stint on the Board of the Oak Bay Tennis Club. I also like staying mentally active so remain doing (I like calling it being "redirected" not "retired" some part-time work on tribunals and licensing bodies.

Shelley and I have travelled since my last update to such places as Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The latter included a trip over the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech and into the Sahara Desert where we travelled on camels with a tribe and overnighted with them. Last year we spent time with friends in French Polynesia especially on the island of Raivavae and as well took a trip from Mangareva to Pitcairn Island (population 55) and stayed with Brenda Christian a descendent of Fletcher Christian of the Bounty fame. A very unique travel experience to say the least.

My daughter Ashley (34) is still active in the movie business and recently worked as a Third Assistant Director with Director and Actor Robert Redford on a movie called "The Company You Keep". My son Jason (30) works as a stuntman, is an accomplished diver and did a tour a few years ago (he was in the reserve) of Afghanistan - not a favourite time for me, but I was very proud of his courage in doing it. He and I recently ago did a tour of the Mojave Desert. So overall having lots of fun with life as time marches on.


In March 2005, Bill wrote:

I retired from my position as an Assistant Deputy Minister with the BC Government in January 2003 and took up a part-time Commissioner position doing quasi-judicial hearings and related policy work. This was a new, challenging and completely different work experience but one I found immensely satisfying. The term for this position expired in 2004 and apart from doing other part-time/contractual work assignments since, I play lots of tennis, golf a little, remain active on the Board of the Victoria Jazz Society and travel. Since retirement I have travelled to Cuba, France, Switzerland and Italy and most recently the Bahamas where Shelley and I with some friends rented a house on a remote beach on the island of Eleuthera.  If you want to find peace and serenity and a place so easy on all your senses this is it!







After Oak Bay High I finally got my academic act together and graduated with a BA degree in Psychology at UVic. During the summers while at university, I was able to see most of our beautiful province by working for the Forest Service (both inland and on the coast using everything from jet boats, converted tugs and helicopters). One summer was spent on an oceanography ship travelling the Oregon coast to the Aleutians and back again (a mini-Cousteau adventure!).


I left Victoria in 1967 and went on to work as a labour market researcher in the Okanagan Valley and after this, held counselling positions in a variety of settings (university, government, minimum-security prison). I moved back to Victoria in 1974, got married, took up a career in personnel management and held several Directorships with the BC Government.


In 1980, I went back to university part-time at night while working as a Treasury Board Analyst and in 1983 received my Masters in Public Administration (MPA) degree. In 1987, I became an Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate and Ministry Support Services for the BC Ministry of Finance & Corporate Relations and today hold a similar position for the BC Ministry of Management Services.


In the early part of 2000, I was assigned to the South Africa/Canada Programme on Governance of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and spent 5 weeks working for the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. The mission, involving two other colleagues, was to assist South Africa's transition and capacity building in central executive management. This was an awesome experience (the work, the people, the culture and a safari!) that left me memories for a lifetime.


Aside from work, I remain dedicated to tennis with my partner Shelley as members of the Oak Bay Tennis Club. Tennis along with skiing has helped to keep my old bones in relatively good shape. We both like to travel and have experienced some wonderful adventures abroad. I stay in touch with and remain close to my children: daughter Ashley (23) who lives in Vancouver and is pursuing a career in the movie biz (currently a trainee assistant director) and son Jason (20) who lived and studied in Mexico City last year and now in Victoria is pursing a career in tourism marketing. I am also very active in the Jazz and blues scene and was President of the Victoria Jazz Society (for five years to 2000). The society stages one of the largest cultural events on Vancouver Island: the "Jazzfest International" festival, which lasts ten days and draws audiences of over 35,000. Its other big event is the 3-day "Blues Bash" over the labour day weekend at Ships Point in the Inner Harbour. The current president is also an ex-OBHS grad, Jim Crawford, who I am sure is known by many of the 62 class.


My sincerest regards to all of you in the class of 62 and, in particular, my compliments to the organizing committee for their dedicated efforts, personal time and contributions in pulling this reunion together.


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