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Maureen Fanthorpe

Maureen has written and has included superb, professionally made, photographs.

Let's start off with a portrait of Pippin. Maureen says the professional who took these photographs has a particular fondness for her dogs, Pippin in particular:

©Randy Kelley

Maureen writes:

Maureen Fanthorpe

Class of 1963

Quick Timeline

1967 Qualified as a X-ray technologist at the Royal Jubilee Hospital and took a job at the Nanaimo Regional Hospital.

1967 Married Michael Fall divorced in 1969.

1971 Left Canada to live in Liverpool England.

1972 Son born.

1973 Married son's father and became step mom to an additional 6 children who had lost their mother. My age 28, children's age 14/12/9/7/6/4 and my son age 15 months. One bathroom no dishwasher. Father was a ship's captain and away at sea for four months of every six.

1973-1979 We lived a very English life.

1979 I took a four month trip to sea with no children and upon our return to Liverpool we made a decision to return to Canada. The two eldest children were grown and did not return with us.

Between 1979 and 1981 I went on two more trips to sea, one on my own when I circumnavigated the globe. I flew to New York for New Year's Eve in Times Square and spent a month in New Orleans just prior to Mardi Gras. Then we had 45 days at sea, across the Atlantic through the Med., down the Suez Canal across the Indian Ocean and then flew home from Bangkok.

Shortly after that I got divorced for a second time and embarked on a second career. I became an ultrasound technologist and went back to work full time in Kelowna. I retired in 2006 and returned to Coquitlam.

By this time I had become involved in sheep herding. It's not the usual sport for a city girl with no experience on farms. It's not that unusual for someone who, by that time, had managed to own three Australian Cattle Dogs. I continue to work a few days a month to pay for training and trial fees; there's no money in the Cattle Dog world as there is in the Border Collie trials.

I have attached a few action photos of the dogs and there may be one of me in there somewhere. "Look forward" I always say but keep an eye out to the back in case the dog runs the sheep or cattle right over you!

About the individual dogs, Maureen adds:

My first Cattle Dog stole my heart and every one since has given me theirs. I've been owned by three Blue Cattle Dogs:

Merry, (EPI) on raw diet 1.24t 8x per meal, stable from one month after diagnosis;

Pippin, colitis until 14 months, changed to raw diet, very occasional bouts since;

Aro, half brother of Merry and Pippin, a cast iron stomach and the appetite of a horse!

[The images in Maureen's section are published within the holders' copyright and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes, ed.]

©Jeff Jaquish



©Jeff Jaquish



©Randy Kelly

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