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Brian Lees

On May 28th, Brian Lees sent along his biography to your webmaster:

Between graduation from OBHS 1963 and the Fall of 1964, when Brian was accepted into the Canadian Army Officer Training Program, he completed his Land Surveyor certification with the BC Forest Service.

Commissioned in 1965, he served until 2004 and retired in the rank of Colonel.  Qualified in both Artillery and Military Engineering, Brian's early service was with the Special Forces in deployments throughout North America, Europe, Scandinavia and the Eastern Mediterranean.

In 1987, Brian transferred to the Reserve Force and accepted a position with the City of Toronto, where he participated in the design, development and operation of municipal parking structures.  Recruited by the City of Vancouver in 1991, Brian founded the Parking Corporation of Vancouver, where he duplicated the Toronto model of developing municipal parking as a component in public cultural, educational and residential structures.  Examples of this are Library Square and the downtown BCIT campus.

In 2000, Brian accepted a position with Women's and Children's Hospital, where he redesigned and developed the traffic and parking systems, in concert with the construction of the new Ambulatory Care and Children's Emergency buildings.

Brian retired to Vernon in 2002 and turned his attentions to volunteerism.  Here, he has been active in the development of seniors housing and the cross country ski facilities on Silver Star mountain.

Brian has been married to Heather since 1972.  Together, they have two children and three grand children.

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