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Len McNeely

Bob Hall has just forwarded Len McNeely's biography. Len writes to Bob:

Sent: Sunday, July 15, 2012 7:13 AM

Subject: What I have been up to since graduating

After Oak Bay went on to UVIC and then UBC Commerce, graduating with an MBA in 1969 and then worked in a Venture Capital company in Vancouver.

With a market collapse in 1970, headed South with 3 Australians to drive the Pan American Highway in an Econoline Van, 3 months later we arrived in Rio de Janeiro. From here back to Toronto, then London U.K, Montreal and back to Toronto working in finance and eventually managing international money for a large investment counsel.

Married in the East and had two great daughters and one of last events with this marriage was our 30th reunion.

Retired in 2000, retirement has found me in Whistler and on the road with car rallies and long distance sailing. Participated in 18 international car rallies, if we count Newfoundland as international. Won the Round the World Rally in year 2000 for the pre-war cars in a '38 Packard and most recently completed the 2010 Peking to Paris rally in a 1933 Alvis where we won our class.

Right now trying to enjoy golf, but my real joy though is my second partner, Mei, who I have been with for 8 years; Mei happens to hail from China.

Unfortunately, my older brother Mike died of cancer in 2009, after a long and brave struggle, he was President of the Oak Bay Student Council when we were in grade 10. As an aside, Mike was a steady of Sharon Kirk in grade 11-12, she subsequently married the President of the Student Council at UVIC. Sharon is the mother of Jason Priestley, aka Brandon of Beverly Hills 90210, a Thursday night show which was a ritual of my daughters while I was in Toronto. My mother died this year in Victoria in her 100th year. Across the hall from Mom at her nursing home was an Emily Marmo who taught Home Ec. at Oak Bay High. Ms. Marmo is 102 or 3 as I write this in 2012.

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