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Tim Ackerman

Tim has just written (20130121) and sent along what has to be the definitive West Coast picture to date! Have a look at this:

That's what the real West Coast woods look like. (Oh, except for the sunshine; this old surveyor of the road along Campbell Lake will tell you that it generally rains!)

Ho! Would you believe that after Tim's page was put up, he wrote again to say that this photograph was made "...just north of Campbell River..."? No wonder it had triggered memories of Campbell Lake!

It's 20130228 and, after an arm twist from the webmaster, Tim has sent along his bio:

I believe I was one of the fortunate people, as I attended both Oak Bay Junior and Senior Schools plus have many good memories of faculty, classmates and friends.

After graduation I attended UVIC for a couple of years; but really the only exciting thing for me was the Sock Hops on Friday nights and the card games between classes.

In January 1966, I was hired on the spot (the good old days), by the TD Bank at Douglas & Fort Streets; I am pleased to say that relationship lasted for 35+ years, retiring in 2001. This career took me to 15 branches in 9 different cities throughout B.C., progressing through Teller, Manager, Divisional Sales Mgr., to Area Branch Mgr. Ironically the last branch I managed was Douglas and Fort in Victoria the Branch from which I started.

Luckily when most people were depositing at the Bank, I withdrew my best asset, my wife Jill (Kellie) who was also a TD employee in Sidney. We are about to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary and have one son Grant who works and lives in Victoria and is being married the month after our class reunion.

Jill and I presently reside in the Comox Valley and after many years of Community Service Club work and volunteering; we now concentrate on the social aspects of retirement and travelling.

To prove it is never too late to connect with our past, I recently discovered a mutual graduating classmate at a social club function here in the Valley. Neither of us knew each other although we had gone through grades 7-12 at the same time. You knew her as Elizabeth Anne (Beth) McWilliams, she is now Beth Ritchie married to Ron whom we see frequently.

We are looking Forward to the Class of '63 Oak Bay High Reunion and thank the committee for caring and sharing.


Tim includes a great photograph of his wife, Jill, and himself made at Christmas, 2012:

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