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Norman Abbott

Now Norm has written (20130227) and includes his c.v:

After leaving Oak Bay High, Norman attended Uvic for two years doing modern languages.

We know about Norm's attraction to music, we see him on this very site playing the piano with Rick Wainwright. After two years at Uvic, Norm pursued that interest and eventually received a scholarship in the Music Baccalaureate in Performance program at U. of T.

Norman played with the National Youth Orchestra for six years, the last three of which as principal cello. That engagement led to further opportunities in the I.O.S. International Youth Orchestra under Stokowski in Switzerland and in Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestras under Pelletier and Leinsdorf in Portugal and in Denmark.

Norm's interests spanned a wide spectrum in music. In the "Golden Horseshoe" area of Ontario he played on keyboard and cello in church, theatre, opera, conservatory and dance engagements.

For 21 years, Norm has conducted amateur chamber music summer camps in Ontario.

After a long interruption in his formal studies, in 1997 Norm went back into academic harness and completed the requirements for a Master's Degree in cello performance at the University of Western Ontario.

For the past ten years Norm has been a music arranger. In that role he has worked mainly with the Forest City Violins in London, Ontario. Norm says that that is a "Mantovani" like youth group. (For those of you of a different generation, that's a string orchestra playing a popular and light classical repertoire.)

One of Norm's great inspirations is the location of his home. It's on the shore of Lake Huron. Norm resides there with his partner of 21 years, Edward. Three feline companions, says Norm, complete the household!

Norm concludes by saying that he is looking forward with great anticipation to the coming reunion the highlight of which, of course, will be meeting everybody again and reviving old memories.

Norm is going to send along some music for us to have posted here. Norm is on the road at this writing (20130228) but we will have music up after he returns home. In the meantime, Norm provides two u.r.l.s for us to start with: , .

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