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David Niven

Today (20130302), David Niven has sent us a thumbnail bio. Can we hope for a photograph, David?

David writes that he has retired twice but is still working: he's tried twice but couldn't stand the pace!

At present he's a Chief Engineer with the Department of National Defence at Nanoose, B.C. He lives part time in Parksville and spends his weekends in Brentwood Bay.

His wife is Ellen. They have two sons and both are grown and now have families of their own.

David occupies his off hours keeping himself in shape, fixing the house and travelling the world.

David is retired from B.C. Ferries where he was an Engineer for 37 years. After retiring from that job, David worked for the Inland Ferry System on the new construction of the vessel Osprey 2000 in Nelson.

"Life in a snapshot. How time flies!" says David.

How it flies indeed, David.

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