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Ken Hart

Ken Hart has written. Says Ken:

Bio Note for Ken Hart

Minda Bojin is my wife, for her sins. We have been together since 1971. Minda works on Information management issues for the Federal Government.

We have three daughters:

Zoe (1993) is going into third year at Carleton. She shares a house with a few other ladies. She is active in competitive ringette - player, ref, and coach - and recreational soccer.

Alexandra (1989) is in the second year of her MEd and Teaching Certificate at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education in Toronto, specializing in education for folks with impairments of various kinds. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science from Guelph and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Humber College. She plays Ultimate and soccer.

Margaret (1985) completed her high school program. She holds a couple of part time volunteer jobs and bowls with Special Olympics. Marg has a couple of impairments - Down Syndrome, a missing esophagus and acquired deafness (from a failed attempt to correct the second challenge). She lives in a residence for supported independent living that Minda and I and another person have started.

I am retired after a 40 year career in Science, Technology, Innovation and Investment Policy at Carleton University, a research institute and a number of federal departments. I enjoyed walking the Camino Française in the fall of 2012, 1,200 kms from Le Puy to Santiago and on to Finisterre. Don't ask unless you want photos inflicted upon you. [Ken has been begged for those photographs, ed.]

Right now I am working on the residence where Marg and a friend live with a young woman who supports them, Cahill Community Living Coöp; as treasurer of the local Faith and Light Community - a support program begun by Jean Vanier for families with a member who has a developmental, intellectual, emotional or mental health impairment; and as a volunteer with l'Arche Ottawa, another program started by Jean Vanier to replace large custodial institutions for folks with developmental impairments with community based models. I'm an active member of our local parish and a lay associate of a congregation of missionary priests, the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Lacombe Canada Province, who have a focus on those not served by others.

I have a BA from UVIC, an MA and part of a PhD from York and I have taken a number of courses from St. Francis Xavier by extension.

In my spare time I am enjoying reading Patrick Leigh Fermor, Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, Jack Gilbert, Alan Furst, John Le Carré and history, especially of Greece and the Ottoman empire and hope to take some more walking vacations in that part of the world.

A full life, Ken. Many thanks for contributing.

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