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Gary Luney

Gary Luney has written and sent along a great backgrounder.

Gary says: "Unfortunately those years [at Oak Bay High] were not easy times, I was one of O.B.H.S.'s consistently worst students." That was to change!

In the 'seventies, Gary had taken on the task of being Chairman and Treasurer of a condominium in Victoria. That kicked off an interest in residential properties that was to last a lifetime.

Gary did a correspondence course from B.C.I.T. on the building code in the early 'eighties and also did a real estate appraisal course at Langara College in Vancouver.

Matters really got rolling in 1987, says Gary. A course at George Brown, "Inspecting Dwellings and Introduction to Specification Writing", revealed a special ability. Gary nailed the course with an A+ and beat out some of the P.Eng.s doing the same course with the excellence of his practicum. He did equally well in a realty appraisal program, too.

All that led on to the designation of "New Construction Inspector" by the C.M.H.C.

With all that under his belt, Gary incorporated as "All Points Home Inspection". His company received the "Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence" in Toronto every year from 2004 to 2011 as the top company in the category of Home and Building Inspection. In 2007 Gary had the pleasure of being presented with that award directly by M.L.A. Sandra Pupatello.

Unlike so many others in the business that we keep hearing about, Gary's companies sustain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Gary has maintained membership in the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors and the American Society of Home Inspectors for 25 years now. During that time, he says, he's done on the order of 7,000 inspections!

Gary concludes by saying: "...I guess it's not too bad for a challenged former student albeit with some obsessive compulsive tenancies!"

It's not too bad at all, Gary, not too bad at all! Many thanks for taking the time out of that schedule to send us a great bio.

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