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Trudy Ann (Johnstone) Veres

Trudy Johnstone has written, 20130612. What a great bio:

Hi John:

It's better late than never to add to the Grad of '63 Bios.

We're leaving Radium Hot Springs next Tuesday, the 18th and I'm excited to be seeing old friends and former classmates. Thanks for coordinating all these bios.



Trudy Ann ( Johnstone) Veres

In 1955 I moved to Victoria with my family from St. Vital (Winnipeg) as my father had joined the navy, after being a C.N.R. Machinist. We rented a house just off Oak Bay Avenue across the street from David Shore and his family.


Circa 1958 on Wilmer Street. Trudy with brother sister and cousins.


Later, we moved to Wilmer Street and I attended Grades 5 to 7 at Margaret Jenkins Elementary School. Grade 8 saw our two Grade 7 classes attending the Junior High, as the new wing had been built to hold extra kids.

Grades 10 to 12 at Oak Bay were years that are imprinted on my mind and we did have excellent teachers and a great start before the real world of working began.

Best friends in my neighbourhood were Ethel Bonner, Karen Bradford, Wendy Brinkworth, Sue Buxton and David Shore.

In the summer of '63 / '64, I worked at the Empress Hotel as an elevator operator with Pat Robertson. Walt Disney and family as well as Bob Hope rode with me in my elevator, what a thrill and the gratuity was good too! George Bradford, Karen's dad got me this cool job to help with University fees.

1965 saw my parents separate and 'I needed to get out of Dodge' so I took a teaching position in Prince George after doing a practicum there. I had 37 kids in a 2/3 class in a four room school behind Tarten Brewery, along the Nechako River. There wasn't a single discipline problem!

Nick Veres (brother Mike, attended Oak Bay) and I were engaged in 1964 while at Uvic. Nick trained at R.C.M.P. Depot in Regina in January of '65. In the summer of '66, I travelled to Moose Jaw to be closer to Nick and taught in a three room school on the prairie at Tuxford, grades 1 to 3.

We had a long three year engagement and were married in 1967 at St.Mary's, Oak Bay, by Canon H.Jones. Julie Highet (Berks) was Maid of Honour.

Our first home, there have been many, was in Regina, Sask., from '67 to '69. Teaching jobs were hard to come by so I was employed at Sask. Power as a girl Friday along with football greats Ed. McQuarters and George Reid.

The lure of the Yukon beckoned and we drove there amidst the rocks and dust to Whitehorse in 1969, fishing and camping along the 918 miles. "The True North Strong and Free" would be our home over four decades and two stints.

Our first daughter, Shannon, was born in 1970 at the old hospital in Whitehorse. When she was five months of age, we moved to the village of Mayo, a First Nations community of 397 souls. I became Constable Nick's '2nd man' when he and the Corporal were away, I took complaints, manned the radio, answered the office door, fed prisoners and at times cleaned the office, phew!

We lived in a small two bedroom suite over the office with two big dogs and two kids. Allison, our younger daughter, was born in Mayo in 1972 at the small hospital there, delivered by a 70 year old male nurse who'd just come from Cambridge Bay, N.W.T.

1973 saw us loading the police plane to fly to Watson Lake on the Alaska Highway. Just before Shannon's fifth birthday, we'd be back in Whitehorse and stay there until 1980. From 1976 on, we built a house.

The spring of 1980 saw us renting a camper van and touring the North Island of New Zealand. At the end of the trip we read the telegram posting us to Prince George. In Prince George, our kids played with Wendy and Bruce MacFarlane's kids and we enjoyed our visits and good times over 11 months.

The next adventure was to New Denver, B.C., on beautiful Slocan Lake. On days off we'd load up the jeep and boat and head out for water skiing and picnicking with friends. I taught Kindergarten half days for three years in this charming village.

"The True North Strong and Free" called us back again in 1984. We lived at Marsh Lake and at Whitehorse until last August, 2012. We've chosen to live near Radium Hot Springs in the East Kootenays, where we have enjoyed nine years of downhill skiing and hiking in the beautiful mountains.

Nick left the 1989 and went to Y.T.G. [Yukon Territorial Government, ed.] to work in Mining Land Use and later as a Conservation Officer.

Teaching for 30 years in the classroom in seven different schools kept me on my toes and I loved it! I received my Master of Education from the University of Alaska, Juneau, and Yukon College. This opened doors to counselling at the school as well as Acting Vice Principal at my last school. I've been enjoying renewal for the last eight years.

Activities now include travelling, skiing, hiking, gardening, cooking, kid's programs and story telling at our local library as well as being active with our five grandkids. Jacob is 15, his sister, Jenna, soon to be 14, Sarah (10), Ryan (8) and Lauren (6).

In April of '13 we enjoyed an amazing combination cycling and barge trip to Holland with two other couples. Afterwards we branched off to hike in Wales and visit family in the U.K.


Nick and Trudy at Old Rectory B&B at Llangotick, Llangoed. Hiked the hills next day.


Life is good; we've been married 46 years and still going strong. I guess it's true....... "Thursday's child has far to go."


The B&B goes through a lot of tea, nothing like a cuppa!


Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion. Cheers, Trudy



Trudy's Tribe!

All 11 of us in the family reunion last summer at Rainbow Lake near Haines Junction, Y.T., on the way to Haines, Alaska.



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