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Cheerleaders and Basketball

Vic High is on the Menu this Evening

First, a pep rally is in order.

[Audio ambiance!]

Below we are in the gym at O.B.H.S. Does a sign there still proclaim the motto "Humanitatis"? Jane Bowering (r) and the cheerleaders hold our attention while on the right the jocks, ahh, make themselves into a team. 

Gerry Hagberg has scrutinized this image from a high resolution image sent to him on disc. He tentatively identifies the girl on the left as Diane Pick. The girl on the right looks like Jane Bowering to the webmaster. Who is in the middle, please?

They were innocent and pure days. Even unspeakable nerds look back with fondness on some aspects of life on the distant Planet 1963. 

Can you all remember being addressed as "Mister" for the first time that Fall at university registration?

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