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Oak Bay High in 1963, again...

"Ok, Let's Go Oak Bay...!"

Bays, you have arrived for a second time at Oak Bay High School in 1963!

The Vic. High girls have femptoskirts but Chas wants us to be proud that our cheerleaders still have long skirts. Maybe they were short and made longer, see discussion. He decrees one way traffic in the basement. Jungle John is geeky, has a load of books under his arm and keeps taking pictures. "Wallace and Lund" is not the name of a Vaudeville act...or is it?

"O mihi praeteritos referat si Iupiter annos."






It's been 50 years since the days of Chas, everybody. Bob Hall and the Reunion Committed laboured mightily and nailed down more than a hundred of us. The results were astonishing. It was a grand achievement. Details and photographs will be up as contributors recover and send in material.

Pat Daniel's Reunion Logo.

-Pat Daniel's logo.

This site has over 130 main pages and each page has several screens of text and pictures. Press the buttons at the top and bottom of each page to step through them or click on the "Index" button, go to the Index, click on a letter of any of those alphabets, scroll down and click on an entry number to jump straight to that entry. Leap a hundred screens in a single bound!

There are 800 Megabytes of memories here. How many high school classes can make that claim about a website about their year?

Bob Hall has created a project to put the arm on alumni to send in biographies. We will be adding still more pages as bios from Bob's project roll in.



Bob Hall's Biography Project

Maureen Fanthorpe, see below, has just written, 02 May. She has included photographs, one of which was 11 megabytes in size. It came down the pipe just fine so we can be sure that size does not matter. Don't be concerned about large attachments to emails (10 megabytes is regarded as the common sense limit). The email accounts are working fine here.

We have Bob Hall's new Biography Pages up. Our valedictorian is leading us off himself. Click on the "Bob Hall's Biography Project" heading, just above, and zip straight over there to read Bob's bio. and to see Bob in a magnificent G. and S. costume.

Music! Bob has sent along grand material from a Gilbert and Sullivan performance the quality of which will astonish. Listen for instance, to the chorus and ask yourself if Mr. D'Oyly Carte would not have been delighted to have booked them for the Savoy! Listen to Josephine, Buttercup and our own, our very own, Ralph Rackstraw honour the grand tradition of G. and S.

Dave Alton has written a fine biography and it is now in Bob's Biography project.

Bill Bell, as you will recall, has had his own biography page up since 2003, nine years. He has just written, too, and his special page has been updated with pictures from the South Seas. How many of you have been to the ham radio operators' dx favorite, Pitcairn Island? Find Bill's page in the Index or in the Table of Contents. Use the buttons at the tops of the pages.

Maureen Fanthorpe has responded to Bob and we have her biography up now, too. Maureen has contributed professionally made, very high quality, action photographs of her Australian Cattle Dogs performing. Those you have to see!

Wendy Stevens has sent in her bio.

Brian Lees has sent along his bio. now, too.

Swannie Larsen's biography is up now. Many thanks, Swannie, especially for including great photographs! Swannie has been charming Prince Edward. We expected no less, of course. Have a look...

Len McNeely is aboard now, too!

Bonnie-Jane Lowman has send pix and a great bio.

Tim Ackerman has written (20130121) sending along a superb photograph of the West Coast woods along with a photograph of his wife, Jill, and himself. We have a bio up now, too.

Norman Abbott has written (20130227) sending along three portraits and a great bio and...a promise of music!

David Niven, a marine engineer, is now, er, aboard. David just can't retire! Have a read.

Rick Ackerman has arrived on the site and by zip line! Have a look.

Hilary Ford now has a really grand bio up. She has sent along pictures documenting the years and now has an album up, too. Look back into the 'sixties.

       Les Litwin is abaord.

       Murray Farmer is aboard.

       Peter Baines has sent along his biography and that included a stint in the Mounties.

       Ken Hart is with us now. He has hiked from France through the Pyrenees and out through the Basque country to Finisterre. We are hoping for pix.

       Gary Luney is aboard, too, and describes how an early interest in property management set him on his life's course.

       Sandra Corbett, now Haggarty, has sent regrets and a great photograph.

       Don Peden has a picture and a bio. up and has more bio. and more photographs coming, particularly photographs from his extensive African service.

       Jane Bowering is with us along with husband, two sons and five bright eyed grand kids.

       Derek Hamlet, "What a Ride!": a life spiced by new experience. There's not a dull moment in Derek's bio. Life continues to be a rich and varied feast for Derek.

       Trudy Johnstone is a real Canadian: she married into the Mounties and then headed north! She spent much time in the north and still worked in a post graduate degree. We have a picture of the entire "Trudy Tribe", all 11 members of it!

        Pat Daniel is with us now, too. She has sent along magnificent paintings of West Coast scenes and a set of other works in a range of styles that's astonishing. Find Pat's biography and four huge West Coast oils in the Biography pages and other graphic art pieces in "Pat Daniel's Gallery".

 Your bio? Where is that?




We await photographs from the impresarios and from the particpants of the fiftieth year reunuion that has just taken place! In the meantime, make do with this website's author.

Your elderly webmaster urges you, yet again, to send along material to keep your website alive. Come on now, you guys and girls out there must have photographs and recollections of the times. If nothing else, please send along contemporary photographs of yourselves and family. Elsewhere on the site and for the last 12 years, there has been the same exhortation. Don't be concerned about the appearance of the old prints. Scan them anyway and send them along; faded, cracked, stained; whatever.

Look at the class of work that is done here with G.I.M.P. (General Image Manipulation Program, born at Berkeley, 1996) , the open source graphics program used on the Linux work station here:




©MMXIII, see site copyright notice

Your originals aren't worse than this, are they? Send them in and let's put them up on the site for everybody to enjoy!

(If you think that Photoshop is too expensive, you are right. Get pretty much the same thing for...nothing. Look at . If you think that Window$ is too expensive, you are right again. If you think that Window$ is bloatware encumbered by a vast baggage train, you are right again. Linux will read all your old Window$ files just fine. It will write them, too. Web browsing is straight forward. Sip of the clean, the free, yea the hippocrene of operating systems. Read up on the Ubuntu installation of Linux; 20,000,000 people can't be wrong. (Readers of these pages will want to use an l.t.s. Ubuntu version and not one of the beta versions regardless of hype. Consult the webmaster.))





Ver. 8.0

Come on you guys. What have you been doing out there? The world in which we elderly grew up is evaporating around us plenty fast.

Send in some material on your doings before we evaporate ourselves!

Three years ago now your webmaster scratched a long time itch by "getting into" microcomputers. It's only since the 8080 came out that that has been a priority, mind you! That and reading Pepys' Diary. Old Sam's eyes have failed. His diary was one of those things to be "got around to". It's one of the treasures that we inhierit as native speakers of English. Read Pepys' Diary.

Those of you equally nerdy owe it to yourselves to explore the Arduino microcontrollers. The more powerful versions of the boards include multiple serial ports, a two wire port, a serial to u.s.b. interface built in, many analogue inputs, bi-directional one bit i/o, built in p.w.m. function, two built in interrupts and even eeprom. It has everything one can think of. The little devils are powerful and require no messing about with peripheral chips. The one bit i/o will even drive 40mA loads so even those don't have to be interfaced. Everything is right on the die. The full dress version, the Arduino Mega, built around the Mega 1280 chip (now upgraded to the 2560 processor), is in operation in the boiler room of this building tracking everything that is going on in the two boilers and their peripherals. It does data reduction, saves some data right in its own eeprom and sends its data to a p.c. where the data are displayed on a spreadsheet. A whole series of graphs is presented there for use by the building's manager, a Stationary Engineer. Real time and historical data are provided. An early version of one of the charts appears below. Now to get on with interfacing the vehicle door on the secure parking area, the door to the boiler room, the elevator...

Writing the system has been a gas because it has forced the learning a bit of C and C++. Doing that with the blunt tool of a brain our age has been an "experience" and well worth the effort.


// Domestic hot water building feed

dhwOutputTemperature = analogRead(dhwOutput);

dhwOutputTemperature = log(((10240000/dhwOutputTemperature) - 10000)); //Apply the Steinhart-Hart formula

dhwOutputTemperature = 1 / (0.001129148 + (0.000234125 * dhwOutputTemperature) + (0.0000000876741 * dhwOutputTemperature * dhwOutputTemperature * dhwOutputTemperature));

dhwOutputTemperature = dhwOutputTemperature - 273.15; // Convert Kelvin to Celsius

//dhwOutputTemperature = dhwOutputTemperature * 10; //get one decimal place

// Check to spec.

if ((dhwOutputTemperature > dhwOutputTemperatureHighSet) || (dhwOutputTemperature < dhwOutputTemperatureLowSet)) {

digitalWrite(alertVisual, HIGH);



Look at that. Now brew your own C code. It can be done with the fusty old meatware that we are condemned to use. The source code for the boiler room system now runs to 1,400 lines and the compiled code is about 14k. With an Arduino or a p.i.c. micro. a fellow can do about anything and without elaborate hardware.


Now, what have you guys been doing with your old meatware? You must be doing something with it. Send along some material and photographs.


Press a button anytime, top or bottom, to move on into the site and to see pix from fifty years and more ago.


Oh, yeah.

For those of you out there who are hamateurs, remember that you qualify for the Q.C.W.A. It's a pleasure to go to a meeting and chat with fellows who sling their own solder, remember "the seven circuits", the 80% on every section or fail and who passed the real radio operators' exams. Try it; support "The Old Man".

(VE7BSJ, where are you?)

That's N0NBH's widget up there, chaps. That's live data on access. The time is the time of last data update. Force a page refresh for the latest data and a random wavelength of the sun.


To skip on into all the photographs of O.B.H.S. back in the 'sixties, use the buttons top and bottom.


Server Wrangler's Dialogue

Ta-da! Big News!

I.I.S., which it must be said had served well indeed for two years, has been supplanted by Apache. Apache is the h.t.t.p. web server originally written for use with Linux and sweet it is. It is a well thought out, flexible and potent open source program. There is not a bell or a whistle which this item of freeware does not have. It's spectacular.

If you should have any difficulty with the new pages, please advise your webmaster and server wrangler.

Linux has been in use here for several years. Nonetheless, an antique box has been prodded into life to permit using the old, original web site composing software that was in use to make the original site. KompoZer is also in use. That's another item of freeware that does a superb job. Everything should fit together from 1999 to 2013. "Should..." If it doesn't, then strength will be drawn from the old cubicleland mantra: "If it were easy it wouldn't be fun."

Standy by. Face toward Vancouver. Watch for smoke. See what smokes first; museum piece hardware, creaking old operating system long abandoned by Mr Bill, applications program old enough to vote or...webmaster!

When you are looking for software, start with the SourceForge site. The open source backup program is in use here and does a fine job.


There's no need to linger out here on the front porch. Press the Index or T.o.C. (Table of Contents) button at the top of the page to move on into the site.


Oak Bay High 1963 Reunion John Nightingale Chas Gibbard Wallace Y Teen Bays Graduate Omacron Beta Hi Y Green and White

Oak Bay High 1963 Reunion John Nightingale Chas Gibbard Wallace Y Teen Bays Graduate Omacron Beta Hi Y Green and White

Can you hear yourself saying: "Who the hell are these guys. All these guys are somebody's grandfather.

I didn't go to school with white haired old men!"

Gawd. 2003; ten years ago. Now 2003 is the old days.

The 1963 tribe gathers once again. This is dinner for the class of 1963 before the O.B.H.S.' 75 year dance.

Dial up Users and Overseas Users!

Here's a special service for you. Connection rates, even for dial up service, are punitive in some areas of the world. For those in such areas, the webmaster would be delighted to burn a c.d. of the site and send it to you! (The email address below is a graphic. It cannot be clicked on, either. Those two precautions fox most `bots out there harvesting email addresses for spamming purposes.)

The 40 year reunion has happened and it was organized to perfection. Nigh ten years or no, we all remember it well. Congratulations, committee members!

Reunion Committee Members:

Donna Bishop

Cheryl Borris

Wayne Carson

Barb Doell

Doreen Falkner

Bob Hall

Derek Hamlet

Karen Mar

Bruce Parker

Roger Pinfield

Linda Poyntz

Judy Vaio

Diane Wade.

`Bays are the Best' and that group proved it!

_ The reunion was a triumph of planning and execution right down to laying on perfect weather. Lynda Poyntz had the perfect location for the Friday reception, we had full access to the school, a great photo gathering and then a superb dinner and dance.

_ If you were there then you had a good time. Tell the webmaster about it and we can make that public right here. If that email address produces a problem, default to


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[Time goes by...]

Thus spake the O.E.D.

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